The Retiring Farmer (TM)
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
The Retiring Farmer
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The Retiring Farmer™ newsletter addresses succession management issues for the family farm by Our Team of Experts with the sole purpose of presenting common issues and outlining potential approaches and/or solutions. We have the experience and solutions in dealing with matters that many have not had to consider until now. The Retiring Farmer™ newsletter can offer guidance to you during your time of transition and can provide you with topics you can discuss with your network of professional advisors. To ensure you receive this valuable information, click here and complete the registration form to register for your personal copy of The Retiring Farmer™ newsletter.
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 11

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 11

  • Online Learning Centre
  • Succession Planning
  • Expert Tips
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 10

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 10

  • Succession Management Issues
  • Wills & Estates
  • The Retiring Farmer™ Process
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 9

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 9

  • Can I Afford to Retire?
  • What Does it Take to Establish a Farm Partnership?
  • Rollover of a Remainder Interest in Farm Land to a Child
  • "Ask the Experts" - Should we take our CPP money sooner
    or hope to live longer to make up for lost income?
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 8

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 8

  • Selling Farmland That Includes Your Principal Residence
  • Does Your Insurance Still Fit?
  • The Self Directed Pension
  • "Ask the Experts" – Non-Farming Widows
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 7

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 7

  • Overlooked Tax Savings with Deferred Grain Tickets
  • Gift or Taxable Inheritance?
  • Farm Retirement Through a Partnership
  • Investing Made "Easy" - Utilizing TFSA with Corporate Class Shares
  • Tax Options for Inventory of a Deceased Farmer
  • "Ask The Experts" - Can I transfer my farmland to my son upon my death
    without paying income tax?
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 6

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 6

  • A Succession and Retirement Plan for Farm Corporation
  • Do We "Need" Life Insurance?
  • Specialized Trust Planning Allows "Rollover" of Non-Qualifying Land
  • Joint Property with a Child
  • GIC Interest Rates Generate Insufficient Income - A Guaranteed Alternative
  • "Ask The Experts" - What is the Farm Business Development Initiative?
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 5

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 5

  • So You've Retired - What Happens Next?
  • Retired and Still Paying Too Much Tax
  • Beneficial Ownership and the Capital Gains Exemption
  • "Purifying" Your Farm for Farm Rollover
  • "Ask The Experts" - Should I transfer some farmland to my corporation?
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 4

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 4

  • Protecting Your Child's Inheritance from a Future Marriage Breakdown
  • Qualifying for the Capital Gain Exemption
  • Property Held in Joint Names: Document Your Intentions
  • The Insurance Needs of a Retiring Farmer
  • "Ask the Experts" - Canada Pension Plan
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 3

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 3

  • Write the Tax Man Out of Your Will
  • Tax Wise Retirement Planning
  • Investing Made "Easy" - Identifying Yield and Return
  • "Ask the Experts" - TFSA
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 2

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 2

  • Guaranteed Retirement Income
  • Dealing with Non-Farming Children
  • Investing Made "Easy" - Corporate Class Shares
  • At Assante Wealth Management
The Retiring Farmer (TM) - Volume 1

The Retiring Farmer™ - Volume 1

  • Selling the Farm
  • Retiring Allowance
  • Capital Gain Deduction
  • Investing Made "Easy"
  • "Ask the Experts" - Wills